IPAT-S: A scripting language for sustainability scenarios
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IPAT-S is an open-source modeling language that comes with a suite of supporting tools. It can be used for medium-to-large datasets (for example, a global study with national-level data) as well as for small calculations. Data can be labeled by multiple dimensions using human-readable labels (for example, region, fuel, land-use type) and by year. Linear programming models are supported as a core part of the language.

IPAT-S is well suited to developing sustainability scenarios, but can be used in other contexts. The language is compact and the interpreter is fast, so IPAT-S is a good choice for rapid scenario development.


If you find a problem, or want to request a feature, please e-mail us at support@ipat-s.org or submit the issue to the project Trac. You must have a SourceForge account to report a bug, but that is free and easy to set up.

The IPAT-S Suite

IPAT Studio 4.9.17
3.5 MB
An IDE for IPAT-S, with IPAT-S interpreter
IPAT DX 1.3.6
2.3 MB
IPAT Data eXchange, for manipulating data
IPAT SN 1.3.5
2.6 MB
IPAT Scenario Navigator, for interactively exploring IPAT-S scripts


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